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The Train Borne Noise Monitoring System


As the community is becoming more aware of “environmental” issues, it is the responsibility of the rail asset owners and operators to effectively manage and control environmentally sensitive issues such as noise.

The ACOU // SYSTM System, designed and developed by TMG is a Train Borne and office based Noise Monitoring System to record, store, analyse and report on noise levels generated by the movement of the train over the tracks.

The ACOU // SYSTM can:

Record noise beneath a car in wheel set vicinity;

Correlate noise with train speed, time and position;

Provide on train captured data storage for 40 hours running at 100ms sample intervals, stored until such time as the data is down-loaded Storage capacity tailored to suit client needs;

Automatically trigger at user set locations to optimize use of the 40 hour capacity;

Provide a down-loading mechanism for taking data from the train to the office analysis system. Download 40 Hours data in 15 seconds;

Provide a user interface, with data manipulation and display in both graphical and tabular format. This display is readily printable in WYSIWYG format and fit for export into standard Microsoft office packages;

Provide LP, Leq, Lmax, Ln, SEL, normalised and raw data;

Provides alarm flags for noise, number of exceedances and trend gradient;

Operates 70Hz-20kHz, 18dB(A) to 140dB(A) A-weighted;

Filterable for different weightings;

Automatic switch off and wake-up attermini or train shutdown to limit train battery use and maximise storage.

The ACOU // SYSTM System

The ACOU // SYSTM System consists of two subsystems:

Train Borne System being that required to capture and store data

Rail Operators.

Office Based System being that required to manipulate the data and provide the user interface.

The Train Borne System

The Train Borne System includes a noise capturing mechanism mounted in an enclosure within the car body and a microphone mounted beneath the vehicle positioned store data. for optimal noise pick up. The Train Borne Unit uses a solid-state, non-volatile memory system for data storage, interfaces direct to the train information system and MTRC’s pulse count speedometer, but could be configured to utilise GPS location and a variety of speed measurement devices. A keypad and a display are provided for manual control, trigger programming and diagnostics plus password control for system programme updating