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Key Benefits


  • Energy costs and emissions reduced by up to 20%, or more
  • On-time arrivals improved by ~10%
  • Reduction in braking by up to 30%, or more, leading to reduced maintenance costs
  • Smoother train handling due to increased coasting and reduced powering
  • Easily retrofits to any type of diesel, electric or hybrid train
  • Improved reporting for operational and environmental benefits


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Energymiser® is a real-time Driver Advisory System (DAS) achieving savings from 8.9% for iron ore trains in Africa (up to 2.5km long and 17,000 tonnes), to 10% or more for freight trains in Australia, UK and India, to 14% for coal trains and over 20% for high speed passenger trains in UK.

It provides optimised and precise advice to drivers of mainline diesel, electric and hybrid trains to help minimise energy consumption, maintain correct schedules, and more.

Energymiser® is a “connected” system that comprises:

Software that prepares journey data, any temporary speed restrictions and optional timetables.

An on-board computer for generating and displaying driving advice, in real time and automatically adapting to actual conditions throughout each trip.

Powerful web-based reporting and options to integrate with existing Business Intelligence systems.


Reduced energy consumption.

Reduced emissions and improved environmental reporting.

Improved on-time running and pacing of trains, optionally integrating with existing timetable and speed restriction systems.

Reduced maintenance costs of trains and tracks, given less over-speeding and braking.

Improved operations management and options to integrate with existing Business Intelligence systems.

Energymiser® SmartDisplay option easily retrofits to any type of diesel, electric or hybrid train.

Next Steps

To review your rail operations, and for the opportunity to receive a free Energymiser simulation that calculates energy savings for your specific operations, contact TTG today.


Precise advice regarding driving mode changes, along with look-ahead to anticipate changes and richer route information.

Automatically factors in target arrival times and adapts to actual conditions throughout each trip.

Very effective tool that compliments programs to improve driver behaviour.

Web-based reporting and administration make it easy to measure, benchmark and monitor performance.

Open shore-based components interface with train management and Business Intelligence systems for a fully connected Command & Control solution (CDAS).

Retrofits to any type of train, ensuring drivers, managers and administrators have a standard user interface.

Proven in the U.K. and Australia, for example, including safety validation.

Affordable with quick, high and ongoing return-on-investment.

Developed and supported by TTG Transportation Technology, our core business being rail energy, schedule and network optimisation.

Technical Overview

Energymiser’s main function is to advise how to achieve, from a given current location and with a specific destination arrival time, an efficient usage of energy (fuel or electricity) while still maintaining the schedule.

Energymiser’s control and speed profiles are automatically adjusted so that the train arrives at the next target location at the specified arrival time, not just at the earliest time, while also keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Energymiser has a simple train interface and does not require extensive onboard or trackside hardware. Detailed information about the train is not required to operate Energymiser.

It quickly analyses the effects of Infrastructure availability issues such as Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSR’s), possession, curfews and infrastructure outages etc;

Energymiser minimises energy consumption using a control strategy based on Optimal Control Theory. The Scheduling & Control Group at the University of South Australia developed the optimal control algorithms.