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Rail Maintenance Solutions from TTG Transportation Technology

Can Halve Cleaning Costs

TTG Transportation Technology Vacuum Systems keeps your cleaning program on track with its versatility, low maintenance and reliability.

Railway Cleaning & Excavation

Unique modular design

Low maintenance

Economical and efficient

Handles most liquid and solid waste

Power and capacity to suit your requirements

Successful track record

Unique Design

Compact and mobile – can work in confined spaces such as tunnels and under live overhead power lines. Quick and easy on/off track changeover. Easily emptied by conventional waste disposal methods.

Low Maintenance

Units require a minimum of maintenance Modular Low Maintenance maintenance. design allows quick change over of power units minimising “out of service” time.


Low capital investment. Low ongoing costs. Minimal labour required.

Handles Most Liquids and Solids

The machine can be adapted to remove virtually any form of waste including dangerous and hazardous goods. Other applications include removing ballast, cleaning drains, drainage pumps and platform surround.

Noise Level

The overall sound pressure levels will be 90 dB(A) at 1 metre (free field condition) for tunnel cleaning operation and 100 db(A) (free field condition) for ballast collection operation.

Operation Control

The operation of the machine can be controlled via the control panel located at the end of No 1 Wagon or via the radio remote control unit which adds flexibility, safety and convenience to the cleaning/vacuuming operations.

Disposal of Waste Water and Ballast

The storage tank is designed to be side discharged either left or right hand.

The side dumping is undertaken using hydraulic rams operated from the control panel or the radio remote control unit. The hydraulics will operate both the tilting action as well as unlocking and opening the side dump door

A set of retractable stabiliser/outriggers will be used during dumping operation.

Fire Performance

The machine is generally constructed of fabricated mild carbon steel components with fire retardant, low smoke and toxic fume hydraulic and electrical wiring.

Rate of Cleaning/Vacuuming

The machine is designed to clean/vacuum at a rate of 1.0 – 1.5 km/hr.

Waste Materials for Removal

Ballast,Water & Other Fluids

Mud & Soft Material



Tunnel and Track bed Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Removal of Mud

Spillage Clean Up

Ballast Removal

Removal of Rubbish in Station & Yards and Trackside

Removal of waste water from sump pit up to 8 metres deep

Compressed air to dry track bed after water cleaning