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About Us


Who We Are

TTG Transportation Technology is a leading international provider of rail technology and consulting services to optimise the performance and efficiency of rail operations – trains, schedules and network capacity.

Our solutions span passenger, freight and heavy haul rail; from long-term planning to real-time operations. For example, our Energymiser® solution provides real-time driver advice and web-based reports to reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 20% or more, improve on-time running and network capacity, and reduce maintenance costs.

Our long-term customers exist in unique segments of the industry, operating very high-speed passenger trains, through to heavy-haul iron ore and coal railways. Our clients are railway owners, operators and suppliers in the public and private sector, operating in the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, SE Asia, and the USA. TTG are leaders in:

  • Sustainable solutions to the rail industry, built on more than 23 years operating experience of the former TMG Group.
  • Providing software, engineering and consultancy services supporting daily railway operations and maintenance activities.

TTG Europe and TTG Group operate from head offices in Stirling – U.K. “European HQ” and Sydney – Australia, and through a network of Associates and Agents internationally, including an office in Beijing.


Our Expertise

TTG combine strong software development and engineering skills with domain expertise in all facets of the rail industry, and we strive to use this combined experience to develop products and solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers and the rail industry.

Our R&D is supported by the largest published body of research spanning more than 30 years. Our sustained commitment to research continues to propel us forward. In essence, TTG delivers its services and performance, built on trust. We are able to provide thorough lifetime support and will stand behind the performance of our products through service credits and performance warranties.


Our Solutions Solve Your Problems

TTG is a recognised global leader in the development and delivery of Connected Driver Advisory Systems (C-DAS) and real-time traffic management optimisation. TTG’s products and services have a proven record in delivering performance improvements to customers that lower operating costs by reducing energy consumption, and minimising delays through better timetabling and smoother train flows.

TTG software products can be used as advanced planning tools for railway operations where optimal advice is required to support investment in new assets, and as real time decision support tools for daily planning and replanning of network operations, and individual train journeys.

The benefits of TTG’s operational software products are state of the art optimisation that can reduce the cost of delays by optimising network capacity, and reducing the energy used by individual trains by optimising the driving tactics for the overall journey. TTG optimisation programs, Schedulemiser® and Energymiser®, can be linked to TTG’s suite of timetable development and production software, or linked to third party software to provide a complete operational support system.


TTG’s Customers

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Management Team

Meet the Team

Dale Coleman – Managing Director, TTG Group

Dale is a Civil Engineer with thirty nine years experience in the rail, engineering and mining industries. Dale was the General Manager Rail for WorleyParsons after WorleyParsons acquired the business of TMG International in July 2006, for which Dale founded the former companies in 1985. Over the last 23 years he has worked in the railway industry in various technical and management roles as the head of a railway signalling and control systems company, and as the head of his own company, specialising in railway engineering and in development of railway operational planning and asset management software.

He has been involved in tendering and contracting railway projects in the UK, Asia, South Africa, India and USA.

Prior to the TMG WorleyParsons merger, Dale was the Group Managing Director of TMG International Holdings Pty Ltd and was responsible for the management of the Group’s business and for the development and implementation of the Group’s strategy and management of its strategic alliances and business links.

Dale has provided advice on all aspects of the planning, management, operations, and maintenance of rail infrastructure and rolling stock to owners and operators in all parts of Australia and internationally, and has acted as an expert witness in a number of major international rail disputes. He was also responsible for development of TMG’s technology products and services.

He was a Board Member of the Rail Cooperative Research Centre, and University of South Australia’s Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies, and is currently a Board Member of the Australian Railway Industry Corporation, and a Member of the RTAA Management Committee.

Early in his career, Dale held senior positions in and managed multi-disciplinary projects for major companies including Ericcson Signal Systems, Dravo Corporation, Australian Consolidated Industries, and CRA (Minenco).

Clive Yep – Commercial Director, TTG Group

Clive is a Mechanical Engineer with more than thirty years experience in the transportation, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Clive has gained extensive experience in a wide range of projects for various rail authorities in Australia and Asia since 1980. He has been project team leader or facilitator on most of those projects, with responsibility for operational and maintenance studies and management of implementation of the resulting projects. Clive has special interest in safety management, quality assurance, and the application of cost control systems.

Clive has significant experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of railway rolling stock. He has been involved in the tendering, negotiation and implementation of many contracts for the design and production of locomotives, passenger and freight wagons, and bogies and other major components. He has also had substantial experience with rolling stock maintenance, including a number of investigations into the layouts and functional requirements of passenger fleet maintenance facilities including cost and resource estimation.

Clive is familiar with the requirements and documentation for rail safety accreditation in all states of Australia and has been involved in many risk assessment and safety audit assignments for rail authorities and private companies.

Clive also has a strong background in quality management and is a qualified Quality and Safety Auditor. He has undertaken many quality related projects for both railway and non-railway clients.

Clive is a skilful communicator and has developed competent skills in business development and dealings in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Dominique Powis – Chief Technology Officer

Dominique is a software engineer with over 2 decades of experience throughout a range of industries including Medical Devices, Finance and Education. She specialises in the strategic development of technology-driven companies and has been a driving force in their rapid growth and operational efficiency through the technology offerings. Over the course of her career, she has designed, developed and launched software products in America, Europe and the Middle East, Asia and Australia, many of which undertook clinical trials, regulatory submissions or were the focus of journal papers. Dominique also dedicates her time to mentoring Women in Technology and UNSW graduates through both formal and informal engagements and, has been a part of panel discussions or talks on Women in Technology, leadership and her current industries. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Within her role at TTG as the Chief Technology Officer, she is committed to building robust, integrated and revolutionary technology products that provide sustainable, connected and secure solutions for the railway industry.  Dominique is in charge of TTG’s product roadmap and has a strong focus on delivery to customers as well as driving innovation, ensuring that through R&D we remain at the cutting edge of new technology trends and provide market-leading products to empower our customers.   She is also passionate about building a strong team culture of high performance, motivation and collaboration within the department, driving the team for continuous improvement.

Phil Dickson – Operations Director, TTG Europe

Phil is a successful railway operations specialist, and an associate member of IRO and IEMA who began his Railway career in 1997 as a conductor in Nottingham. Over the next 21 years he progressed from Train Driver, Driver Instructor, Operations Manager to Traction Energy Manager. He was responsible for introducing successful energy efficiency projects within ScotRail including DAS, Energy Metering, Eco Driving and innovation projects such as Artmeis Digital Accessory Drive.

Phil developed the first Eco Driving programme in the UK Railway using full cab simulation as a training tool for drivers. With the ability to programme simulators to emulate different driving conditions, this programme has been a great success.

With these comprehensive abilities and previous careers in computing and construction Phil has gained significant experience in project management and Health & Safety. Having proved his ability to introduce financial and environmental benefits, Phil now leads the TTG UK team in project delivery and support.With a strong belief in good customer service and collaborative working, Phil is restructuring the UK team to deliver for our customers. Previously Phil has worked on RSSB projects to develop Eco Driving and DAS guidance documents and was a member of the UK DAS Board and a leader in the UK rail eco driving programmes, often assisting other Train Operators to develop their policies.

Dedicated to advancing railway technology improvements, Phil is passionate about being a part of the Digital Railway Programme, developing Connected DAS and promoting new reporting tools to help operators better understand energy use, driving styles and performance.

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