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Our Products


The Optimised Timetable development system for railway planning and near real time decision support


  • Provides shorter planning lead times thus allowing late changes to train requirements to be optimised;
  • Provide greater planning capacity that allows all what ifs to be explored and analysed quickly;
  • Reduces delays in service through minimising the delays in meets and crosses through out the timetable;
  • Provides reliability and robustness of service by ensuring that all timetables are efficiently resources;
  • In summary better train plans increased revenue and lower costs.


The complete SCHEDULEMISER® system is made up of several parts. The first allows the train planner to configure the system assets with constraining business rules to reflect the network to be simulated. These rules then allow a set ofinput train requirements to be created.

The Train Planner then loads these new or existing train requirement records and network configuration files into the SCHEULDEMISER® tool. This patented search engine takes the network configuration and train requirements files and produces a series of feasible timetables. The search is run until the output statistics show that an optimised solution has been found.

The resulting timetable can be saved and/or a train graph of the timetable plotted against the timetable output file. Other outputs can be created as required.

Powerful and New Optimisation

SCHEDULEMISER® incorporates a next generation optimisation technique developed by the University of South Australia and TMG with the support of the Australian Rail Cooperative Research Centre

Key Features

SCHEDULEMISER® product provides rail planners/ dispatchers with a tool that prepares an optimised feasible timetable in near real time. The key features of the system are:

  • It prepares optimsied feasible timetables and train;
  • It provides a means for the optimisation of train p p planning and scheduling requirements based on a set of timetable quality attributes for a given infrastructure;
  • It provides a tool for quickly analysing the effects of train changes and/or infrastructure requirement;
  • It quickly analyses the effects of Infrastructure availability issues such as TSR’s, possession, curfews and infrastructure outages etc;
  • It produces monthly, daily and dispatch timetables on demand;
  • It assists in train dispatching decisions;
  • Provides analysis of theoretical line capacity verses and replanning line usage for a given time period.


ENERGYMISER® NEXTGEN is a real-time Driver Advisory System (DAS) harnessing control algorithms that optimise the movement of any type of train. This patented technology works to simultaneously minimise energy whilst maintaining the train timetable.

Finessed over 5 generations, ENERGYMISER® NEXTGEN improves on its previous iterations through a combination of faster calculations. The results? Smoother real-time train schedules, enhanced analytics and multi-platform integration (including ATO integration).


  • Software that prepares journey data, any temporary speed restrictions and optional timetables.
    An on-board computer for generating and displaying driving advice in real time. ENERGYMISER® automatically adapts to actual conditions throughout each unique trip.
  • Powerful web-based reporting and options to integrate with existing Business Intelligence systems.



  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Reduced emissions and improved environmental reporting.
  • Improved on-time running and pacing of trains,optionally integrating with existing timetable andspeed restriction systems.
  • Reduced maintenance costs of trains and tracks,
    given there is less over-speeding and braking.
  • Option to integrate with existing Business
    Intelligence systems.
  • Energymiser® SmartDisplay option easily retrofitsto any type of diesel, electric or hybrid train.




JUNCTION SCHEDULER® is TTG’s latest development that works in conjunction with TTG Energymiser® system to provide Traffic Management functionality, that

automatically re-plans train movements through junctions to minimise delays at a particular junction, or a network of junctions.

JUNCTION SCHEDULER® is able to compare the estimated arrival times of all trains at a junction based on their location to the earliest arrival time and using an

optimisation method, adjust the timetables to avoid or minimise delays through the junction.

By linking a number of junctions together, train flows can be optimised from origin to destination, keeping trains in the right order and right time.


  • Software that is installed either on the DAS server or as part of a third party Traffic Management System.
  • User interface and web based reporting that can also be used for analysis of timetable performance and improvements.


  • Significant reductions in delays through key junctions that lead to significant improvements in right time running and cost reduction from smoothertrain flows and on-time arrivals.
  • Provides precision train running data that can be used for analysis of timetable performance and improvements in timetables.


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