Phil Dickson – Operations Director, TTG Europe

Phil is a successful railway operations specialist, and an associate member of IRO and IEMA who began his Railway career in 1997 as a conductor in Nottingham. Over the next 21 years he progressed from Train Driver, Driver Instructor, Operations Manager to Traction Energy Manager. He was responsible for introducing successful energy efficiency projects within ScotRail including DAS, Energy Metering, Eco Driving and innovation projects such as Artmeis Digital Accessory Drive.

Phil developed the first Eco Driving programme in the UK Railway using full cab simulation as a training tool for drivers. With the ability to programme simulators to emulate different driving conditions, this programme has been a great success.

With these comprehensive abilities and previous careers in computing and construction Phil has gained significant experience in project management and Health & Safety. Having proved his ability to introduce financial and environmental benefits, Phil now leads the TTG UK team in project delivery and support.With a strong belief in good customer service and collaborative working, Phil is restructuring the UK team to deliver for our customers. Previously Phil has worked on RSSB projects to develop Eco Driving and DAS guidance documents and was a member of the UK DAS Board and a leader in the UK rail eco driving programmes, often assisting other Train Operators to develop their policies.

Dedicated to advancing railway technology improvements, Phil is passionate about being a part of the Digital Railway Programme, developing Connected DAS and promoting new reporting tools to help operators better understand energy use, driving styles and performance.